Pucker Butt Frenzy

pucker butt micro bikini bottomThe latest and hottest new trend this summer is the pucker butt bikini. All the ladies crave it and there is no wonder why! This style of bottom hugs those curves giving you more definition. It really show off those assets. Not only does it give you a nice round shape it fits comfortably as well. It doesn’t get baggy or sag when wet, it doesn’t ride up and cause those all to common wedgies that so many women are guilty for! It was first seen mostly in adult stores or worn by dancers. Now it has finally become more mainstream and it is the latest and greatest stlye for beachcombers everywhere. Once you try this bikini it’s hard to love anything else. As seen on dancers, the pucker bottom is typically paired with long flowing fabric tied from each hip which allows for more attention to be drawn to her as she is spinning. The pucker butt bikini does not have the extra fabric that was once hanging from the hips but now re-invented as a bikini it has even less fabric, this adds to it’s ever so popular sex appeal. It is low waisted and form fitting, offering as minimal coverage as possible. You are sure to be the bombshell beauty in this bikini. Get yours now, and watch women every where follow your lead.


All Wet And No-where to Go

As the days get closer to Thanksgiving, there are many across the country who know, that Winter is near. Heck, it is probably snowing in places already.

Just wishing you a Pucker Bikini holiday season. Even dripping wet, these bikini’s still know how to show off every curve of a woman’s butt.

Hopefully this picture will keep your warm.
Even Dripping Wet, Pucker Bikini's still make me HOT!